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Hotel Hilton Marjan Split - renting commercial premises (office and restaurant space, luxury apartments)




Reserve your space in the future exclusive Hilton Hotel, the most beautiful location in the city of Split.

Do not miss the opportunity, space will be rented quickly.


The hotel is situated in a beautiful bay on the southern slopes of the park-forest Marjan, a 5-minute walk from core city of Split and Diocletian's Palace. Hilton Marjan Split spreads on the surface of 11,624.00 m2. Gross building area totals approximately 50,000 m2, including ground covers an area of approximately 9,000 m2, a basement level taking approximately 10,000 m2, with capacity of 300 parking spaces located in two basement floors.


Ground and first floor

Area m2 Price ‚ā¨/ m2 Graphics display
PP 01-PR 107,72 50 Detailed view
PP 02-PR 46,54 50
PP 03-PR 70,00 50
PP 04-PR 88,52 50
PP 05-PR 68,60 50
PP 24-PR 122,72 25
PP R3-PR 477,40 25 Detailed view
PP 06-PR-D6/D7 31,43 25
PP 07-PR-D6/D7
PP 07-1K-D6/D7
PP R1-PR 375,00 25


Second floor

Area m2 Price ‚ā¨/ m2 Graphics display
PP 08-2K 27,80 12 Detailed view
PP 09-2K 47,95 12
PP 10-2K 47,85 12
PP 11-2K 47,75 12
PP 12-2K 77,69 12
PP 13-2K 124,08 12
PP 14-2K 22,60 12 Detailed view
PP 15-2K 75,69 12
PP 16-2K 172,35 12
PP 17-2K-D6/D7 91,64 12
PP 21-2K-P
Auxiliary entrance
12,94 12
PP 22-2K-P
Auxiliary entrance
27,21 12
PP 18-2K-D6/D7 75,49 12
PP 19-2K-D6/D7 58,80 12
PP 20-2K-D6/D7 4,79 12
PP 23-2K-D6/D7 51,40 12


The hotel is situated in a beautiful bay on the southern slopes of the park-forest Marjan, a 5-minute walk from city of Split and Diocletian's Palace. Thanks to its outstanding location and characteristic architecture is one of the symbols on a postcard of Split. Everything in the last 44 years more important happening in Split is connected with the hotel Marjan. It would be difficult to enumerate all the dignitaries, statesmen, Nobel Prize winner, or the size of sports scientists that this hotel had the honor of hosting. And who would in turn could enumerate all the events and conferences with Croatian, European or international sign in which the hotel played a major role. Hotel Marjan business since 1964, and in recent years has operated a reduced capacity, ie only with accommodation, catering, shopping, catering and conference facilities in the eastern wing of the building, since the tower was devastated during the war years. In October 2008. The hotel Marjan temporarily closed its doors to guests, the progress of works on reconstruction. The aim of the investor and the owner of the hotel "Marjan", Mr Zeljko Kerum was the restoration and creation of 5 stars hotels, and its introduction into one of the most famous hotel chains. Accordingly, the architect hired g.Jerko Rosin, B. Arch. And architectural studio Studio "R". The task was a project that will keep the implementation of its own distinct vision. Crown of this work has just signed with one of the world's most famous hotel brands - HILTON.

Hilton Hotels is an international chain founded by Conrad Hilton and now it owns Hilton Worldwide. Hilton Hotels are either owned or managed by or under an independent operator of franchised by Hilton Worldwide. By 2010, the world has more than 530 Hilton hotels in 78 countries on 6 continents.

According to the project, the Hilton MARJAN SPLIT will retain its basic form, which is detectable with a postcard of Split, however, will be enriched with new and modern amenities. Guests will be for the accommodation to be available: rooms, apartments, residential part of the presidential suite, located on the top of the tower.
Public areas consist of a lobby and reception area, living room, square, restaurant, pub, piano bar, office space, exclusive stores, office service, conference hall with a smaller meeting rooms, a wellness center with a complete content ( massages, sauna, spa, therapy, fitness, gym, swimming pools - indoor and outdoor, whirlpools ...), bank branches, all with their respective service and commercial facilities (kitchens, warehouses, offices ...).
Completion of renovation Marjan and his becoming part of the hotel chain Hilton, the city of Split will complement the quality of its tourist facilities and offers.

Hilton Marjan Split spreads on the surface of 11,624.00 m2. Gross building area totals approximately 50,000 m2, including ground covers an area of approximately 9,000 m2, a basement level taking approximately 10,000 m2. The facility is divided into 7 expansion starting from the far east, D1 to D7 in the far west.
Floor diverse object is indented on the surface with the basement lies the larger part of the surface plot, while the second basement is performed only in the extreme west of the joint. The ground and first three floors extend through the entire building that is all the joints. The fourth and fifth floor are spread only through the western expansion facility, while the most recognizable part of the building, the tower has over its technical floor eleven floors. Vertical communication has been established elevators (20), numerous staircases (including protected old spiral staircase) and external panoramic lift, on the eastern facade of the tower.
For the purpose of operation of the facility will be engaged in the substation and power of 2.5 MW.
Accommodation units are spread throughout the joint facility.

East wing of the building has retained its congressional function with a series of commercial space.

In the central part of the tower is located below the entrance of the hotel (reception, lobby ...), part of the catering facilities, an outdoor swimming pool (under the tower), while the north side of the economic input, substation and aggregation. The western part of the tower, in addition to restaurant area with kitchen and on the north side of the trade, mainly engaged in wellness programs including indoor swimming pool with a glass roof.
The ultimate western part (dilation D6 and D7) is engaged except for the shopping part of the north side and a large square in the middle for the majority of accommodation including residential portion and a portion of office space.

In short, the main facilities of the hotel are:

  • 314 units as follows:
  • 268 hotel rooms, 29 suites, 16 residential flats hotel, 1 Presidential Suite
  • 300 parking spaces located in two basement floors
  • disco-club/casino approximately 800 m2
  • Congress Hall a total of approximately 1,500 m2 (one of the big hall of 970 m2)
  • Business Offices 600 m2 (of which the majority of 500 m2 in the far west end)
  • indoor swimming pool 750m2
  • two outdoor pools
  • space for sunbathing around the pool and terrace approx 1.750m2
  • Wellness / Spa approximately 1,800 m2 (corresponding pools and walkways are listed above)
  • restaurants, cafes approx 2.200m2
  • Lobby 300m2
  • atrium of approximately 250 m2
  • Commercial service facilities (shops) approx 2,000 m2
  • square approximately 1,500 m2

Ground and first floor: PDF - 2 MB & Picture - 3,5 MB

Second floor PDF - 2 MB & Picture - 5 MB

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