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Island of Hvar

Hvar 03


Villa have three apartments on each floor, measuring from 37sqm to 62sqm. There are one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, with or without the terrace.



Apartments are surrounded by pine forest and just above the beach.

Villa “CasaBela” is beautifully designed to blend in the environment and offer privacy.

The area is well known for its exceptional wines and aromatic plants.

Apartment can be bought from just 75.140EUR. For a sea view location on island Hvar – this is unbeatable price.



Island Hvar




The island is characterised by gentle winters, warm summers and many hours of sunshine. A general belief in the health-giving effects of sunny regions led to the discovery of this "Adriatic Madeira" as early as the 19th century.

It has the most hours of sunshine on the Adriatic coast, with as much as 2715 per year, and only small variations in temperature.

An indented coast, clean beaches and plenty of sun as well as untouched nature, fragrances of lavender, olives and wine is a picture of the well-known island of Hvar. Today the island's name has Greek origins (in Greek Pharos – lighthouse).


When we think of Hvar - we think about the island of heather, sunshine and crickets, the island of lavender, sage and wine and the island of rosemary and secluded coves. A beautiful pebble beach is almost at Your doorstep.

Villa have three apartments on each floor, measuring from 37sqm to 62sqm. There are one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, with or without the terrace.

Due to south facing orientation, apartments are excellent place to stay in the winter as well. Construction has been finished. Please contact us for most recent pictures of the development.

Villa „CasaBela“ has been completed in July 2010. We would be glad to organize a viewing trip for You and to answer all Your questions.


The Village

A small village situated on the southern part of the island Hvar, close to the town of Hvar, Jelsa and Stari Grad. This village is famous for its vineyards of exceptional quality. Except good wine, the area is rearing with its environment, full of aromatic plants (lavender and rosemary) and other flora of Mediterranean climate.

Its pebble beaches make it a very attractive destination for all those who want a peaceful vacation. Picturesque Mediterranean natural surrounding and its closeness to the sea offer you the immense varieties of sights, day and night long, and make the place an attractive resort for your holidays. There is a market and several restaurants in the village - everything else can be found in the nearby town of Jelsa.


Although it has been a popular with yacht-goers of the Mediterranean for years, its relative inaccessibility has meant that it managed to hold on to its special tranquil beauty. And it's easy to see the appeal: the Adriatic air smells of lavender as the rocky hills surrounding Hvar town itself are blanketed in purple.

Hvar is not just a gorgeous island and charmingtown, it's also the centre of the Hvar Riviera which comprises a cluster of offshore islets that are among the best the Adriatic has to offer.

Taking its name from 'Paklina', a resin once used to coat ships, the Pakleni Islands offer small, secluded beaches, deserted coves and sun-drenched hills.

Old world Mediterranean: Imagine the Greek islands 50 years ago - friendly, sleepy, and not yet commercialized.


Apartment no. Position Size (m2) Price incl. VAT
A5 first floor 37,57 75.140 €
A6 first floor 45,06 90.120 €
A7 top floor 62,64 125.280 €
A8 top floor 37,57 75.140 €
A9 top floor 45,06 90.120 €


House layout area: 9,6 x 21,95 m
Total ground layout is 180,60 sqm
Built up area: 29,6% of land plot size
Building height: P+2

Formation of the land plot: Fencing wall height of 100cm, green areas in accordance with local nature, nine parking places


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