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Apartment - Brac

Brac 01


Apartments; 1st row to the sea; parking places; in a charming fishing village; all the facilities nearby

The apartments built to an excellent standard, situated in the 1st row to the sea. The apartments range in size from 25 sq m to 112 sq m (one, two or three-bedroom apartments). All apartments are equipped with air condition, anti-theft doors, parquet and tiled flooring, ad many finishes using the famous local white stone. Ground floor apartments have their own garden space, and each apartment has a designated parking place. This building is constructed on the last land plot available for building before the ‚ÄúGreen Zone‚ÄĚ, where no more building is allowed. the building is due to be entirely complete this autumn (2011). The apartments are located on the edge of a charming fishing village, off the main tourist track, but with plenty of shops, restaurants, a bank, post office, local market and easy access to the mainland ferry (15 min drive away).

APARTMENT 2: 379.400 Euro
2-bedrooms, ground-floor, sea view, 76,42m2 + loggia 11,31m2 + garden 193,29m2 + roofed parking 15m2.
APARTMENT 3: 437.800 Euro
2-bedrooms, ground-floor, sea view, 75,21m2 + loggia 19m2 + garden 259m2 + roofed parking 15m2.
APARTMENT 4: 71.400 Euro studio, ground-floor, no sea view, 25,60m2 + garden 17,28m2 + parking 13,10m2.
APARTMENT 5: 171.400 Euro 1-bedroom, ground-floor, partial sea view, 51,84m2 + loggia 8,03m2 + garden 77,21m2 + parking 11,25m2.
APARTMENT 6: 192.600 Euro 2-bedrooms, ground-floor, partial sea view, 60,18m2 + loggia 8,65m2 + garden 52m2 + parking 13m2.
APARTMENT 8: 244.000 Euro 3-bedrooms, 1st floor, sea view, 76,22m2 + loggia 11,05m2 + parking 13,10m2.
APARTMENT 9: 263.600 Euro 2-bedrooms, 1st floor, sea view, 74,27m2 + loggia 18m2 + roofed parking 18m2.
APARTMENT 10: 261.500 Euro 2-bedrooms, ground-floor, partial sea view, 74,77m2 + loggia 11,52m2 + garden 63,23m2 + parking 25,73m2.
APARTMENT 11: 57.400 Euro studio, ground-floor, no sea view, 22,06m2 + garden 9,20m2 + parking 9,20m2.
APARTMENT 12: 63.100 Euro studio, 1st floor, no sea view, 21,59m2 + loggia 4,12m2 + parking 13,10m2.
APARTMENT 13: 138.500 Euro 1-bedroom, 1st floor, partial sea view, 50,63m2 + loggia 7,93m2 + balcony 3,09m2 + parking 10m2.
APARTMENT 14: 173.400 Euro 2-bedrooms, 1st floor, partial sea view, 60m2 + loggia 9,12m2 + parking 13m2.
APARTMENT 15: 335.200 Euro 3-bedrooms, 2nd floor, sea view, 101,80m2 + loggia 11,50m2 + roofed parking 15m2.
APARTMENT 18: 235.000 Euro 2-bedrooms, 1st floor, partial sea view, 74,47m2 + loggia 11,50m2 + balcony 3m2 + parking 13,10m2.
APARTMENT 19: 84.700 Euro 1-bedroom, 1st floor, no sea view, 30,44m2 + loggia 4,74m2 + parking 13,10m2.
APARTMENT 20: 65.500 Euro studio, 2nd floor, no sea view, 21,43m2 + loggia 4,20m2 + parking 13m2.
APARTMENT 21: 139.500 Euro 1-bedroom, 2nd floor, partial sea view, 50,38m2 + teracce 7,30m2 + balcony 3,09m2 + parking 11,50m2.
APARTMENT 23: 242.000 Euro 2-bedrooms, 2nd floor, partial sea view, 74,12m2 + loggia 11,45m2 + balcony 3,10m2 + parking 13m2.

Please contact us for more specific information. An early viewing is highly recommended as the price, the quality, and the location make them excellent value for money.


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