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 Professional Real Estate Photography


Professional Real Estate Photography


Why are Professional Photos important for selling your Real Estate?
When looking for property to buy or lease about 95% of buyers start the search on the Internet. The decision on a more detailed examination of advertised properties is mostly made in the first few seconds of reviewing photos of listed ads. Among several listings of similar properties more attention will attract listings that have high quality photos, and they will encourage interest in the detailed review of the ad while the ads with low quality photos will mostly have the opposite effect.

The first impression of the property is acquired through the photos, so even an attractive real estate may have little interest of the buyers if it is presented with a dark, blurry or slanted photographs. On bad photos even spacious and bright room may seem cramped and dark and therefore repel further interest of the buyer.

Professional photographs of the property will attract attention and encourage the buyer to take a more detailed look of the ad, read a description and the information and decide to take personal look at the property to purchase or to book accommodation. Also for luxury real estate clients expect it to be presented with professional photographs.

Getting a professional photos is not a cost but an investment that will significantly help to find a buyer quicker or greater occupancy of advertised properties.


About professional photography
Professional photos show the property in the best and most attractive way, by choosing the best angle, proper lighting and composition. In making of the photos We do not do any photo manipulation because the photos should not deceive customers but present the actual state of the property at the time of the shooting. Of course, a messy environment, kitchen, bathroom or other rooms certainly will not look good even on the best photos so it is important to clean up and prepare property for taking photographs in order to obtain great high-quality and representative photos. In addition, it is important to arrange term of taking photographs when weather conditions are appropriate because taking photographs during a beautiful sunny day will have dramatically better results than during bad weather and rain.


Aerial videography and photography


Aerial videography and photography
With a service of the photographer we offer an additional service of photographing and video recording properties from the air using the "Photo-drone" aircraft for the attractive and unique presentation of the property and the environment from a new perspective.


Price for photographic services depends on the size of the real estate, additional Aerial videography and photography and travel expenses.

For more information and arrangement, please contact us.



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