Land – Insel Korcula Korcula Insel, Dalmatien, Kroatien , 2 - Dalmatien Inseln

230.000 €
Zu verkaufen
ID: 3216/30
Art der Immobilie: 3 - Grundstück
Land Size (m2)


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This land plot is in the first row to the sea, in one of the most beautiful parts of the island Korcula. Located in a small bay, protected from strong winds and with a pebbled beach – its just perfect. Most of the area surrounding the property is covered in thick pine forest and designated green zone forbidding any construction in the future.

All infrastructure is present, including city water (just installed last year). A local road is just above the property and another 3.500sqm is for sale above the road from the same owner. As this land plot is in the dark yellow building zone, no further planning is needed. Building permit can be obtained and construction started in a very short period of time.


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