3 kleine Häuser – Insel Brac Brac Insel, Dalmatien, Kroatien , 2 - Dalmatien Inseln

390.000 €
ID: 3359/30
Art der Immobilie: 2 - Haus / Villa
Bereich (m2)


  • 2 - Seeblick
  • 4 - Terrasse
  • 5 - Parkplatz / Garage


Extensive description:

Three renovated authentic Dalmatian small houses, of the total surface of approx. 90 sq m, situated in one of the most preserved villages on the island of Brac. The houses are separated, but are connected with a beautiful garden, creating a charming atmosphere and offering a sea-view. The main house consists of a living room and a kitchen with a fire place, a bedroom and a bathroom (in nature also consisting of 3 connected small houses). There is a beautiful terrace, also made from the old small house, and which can be re-transformed into a small house again. The second house consists of a bedroom and a bathroom, as well as the third house that also has a separate yard. Although the third house also has all electricity connections already inside, it is designed as an eco-house with solar heated shower.

The distinctivness of this property is the fact that the authenticity of the old Dalmatian architecture is preserved, as well as the historical atmosphere in the interior decoration, reviving the spirit of old times, but, nonetheless, the floors and the bathrooms are decorated with elegant verona rosso natural stone with a contemporary modern feel. The location of the property is another advantage, because it is situated only 300 m from the centre of the village, the sea and the beach, in a peaceful part of the village, making this area very interesting to the tourists because it is easily accessable and offers the experience of the Dalmatian tradition and the ancient customs.


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