Grundstück ersten Reihe zum Meer – Insel Murter Murter Insel, Dalmatien, Kroatien , 2 - Dalmatien Inseln

1.727.000 €
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ID: 449/26
Art der Immobilie: 3 - Grundstück
Bereich (m2)
Land Size (m2)
Entfernung zum Meer (m)


  • 1 - Erste Reihe zum Meer
  • 2 - Seeblick



This is an exceptionally attractive agricultural land plot with a marvellous view at the Sibenik archipelago and islands of Kornati. At the land plot there are two new and equipped houses; one of the houses is measuring 26 sq m and it is only 100 m from the sea. The house possesses all installations needed. The other house is measuring 32 sq m and only 70m from the sea also has all the installations needed. The both houses have solar cells, water tanks and sewerage scoop.

The dimensions of the land plot are: 90m of width and cca 230m of height. 70m long arranged coast and mooring for several yachts. There is an asphalted road that leads to the very same land plot, as well as to the sea. On the land plot there are 250 olive trees, 500 lavender bushes, 500 rosemary bushes, round 10 almond and fig trees as well as several carob trees and beautiful pine forest. The land plot is situated on the solitude and ensures quiet and privacy. It is south oriented and of cascade configuration with 70 cascaded “terraces”. Offers marvellous sea view.

Price: 110€/m2

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