The town and port of Ploce is located in the southernmost, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, and is only a few kilometres west from the mouth of the river Neretva. It sits almost exactly half way between Split and Dubrovnik. It is located on the starting point of the centuries old natural route of the valley of the river Neretva, which connects the neighbouring Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Adriatic Sea.

Apart from excursions to the fertile Neretva river and the Adriatic Sea, a number of truly attractive summer events are held here. There is the Utrka trupa (hollow log race) and the Maraton lađa, an amateur sports competition where ancient original boats “lađa” are raced from Metkovic to Ploce. The Bacinska Lakes (seven freshwater lakes) are not far from the town, beside the mountain massif of Biokovo. During the hot days in the summer months, these lakes offer refreshment and comfort.

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