Croatia island of Dugi otok is one of the most popular real estate areas in whole Croatia

If you want to buy real estate, apartment, house, land or invest in commercial real estate first you must be familiar with the island of Dugi otok.

Dugi Otok is the biggest island of Zadar’s archipelago, 50km long and about 5km wide. It is quite distant from the coast – one hour and a half by ferry from Zadar (3 or 4 lines daily in the summer) and it remains out of usual tourist routes. That makes Dugi Otok an quiet destination, ideal for tourists that will appreciate the peace and the natural beauties that don’t miss on island.

The central position in Adriatic Sea (more distant than Ugljan and Pasman islands) make a weather in Dugi Otok even more better and “Mediterranean” than elsewhere in Dalmatia.

Bozava – porat
The island, with its variety of morphology, difference in height of 300m and more, is an interesting place for trekking lovers, but also for who want to walk around discovering the big differences from one site to another, like the delicious Saharun, in the north part of Dugi Otok – a white sand shore (ideal for little child) – and the lighthouse of Veli Rat on the next promontory.

In the south of Dugi Otok there is the deep (8 km) bay of Telascica with the homonyms Natural Park achievable walking through the mainland part of the park up to the bay and the salt lake, or with ships (ideal), directly from the sea.

In the surroundings there are a lot of little islands: near at the south-east coast of Dugi Otok there is the National Park of Kornati – 147 islands with charming shores and luxuriant nature, with few people living there.

The principal attractions of the Natural Park of Telascica are the salt lake – a drainage area of 2 km of length full of lukewarm water with a high concentration of salt – and the white rock in the part over the open sea that, after hundred meters, fall down into the deep sea.

Zaglav is one of ten villages of Dugi Otok; rises on the sea-shore and it’s characterized by a very transparent and deep bay. It’s 5 km far away from Sali, the main town of the island, and it has a little comfortable harbor, protected and ideal to berth different types of boats. There are two food shops and two typical restaurants.

Brbinj is a small village where stops the ferry from Zadar. It’s 20 km far away from Sali. The village is placed between the Promontory Kamicina end two bays – Lucina’s bay with the little Island of Utra characterized by a luxuriant vegetation, and the bay of Sabusica. The sea – as all around the island – is pure and crystal-clear. In the village there are two little food shops and two typical restaurants.

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