The scheme envisages some 40,000 m2 of shopping and various leisure and catering facilities, supported by parking for 2,340 vehicles.


This report has been prepared to illustrate the design proposals for the redevelopment of The Velebitska – Poljicka Site. The design reflects the brief for the site in providing a mixed-use scheme offering both commercial and residential accommodation. It has been designed to give the City of Split a landmark ʻgatewayʼ development with tall structures providing distant views to both the surrounding hills and the sea.


The development is divided over two sites separated by Velebitska Streets and is about two hectares in overall land area. The land topography across the site falls in two directions, by some two metres from north to south and by approximately 14 metres from east to west and parallel to street Poljicka. The site is identified by the red-line on the plan and will be entirely cleared of existing buildings and vegetation.


One of the most important aspects of retail led development is the shoppers circulation and movement and the prime objective of any design is to avoid cul-de-sac layouts. In this concept the supermarket store has been brought forward with its own top-lit open space and linked beneath Velebitska Street to a multi-level shopping centre and creating a continuous curved pedestrian loop. A number of anchor stores are located along this route to create attraction and shopper ʻrewardʼ. These levels are related to the established ground levels and arrive at a large glass-canopied forecourt which also provides the entrances to the residential tower and hotel built above the shopping. The centre of these decked shopping levels is focused on a glass-roofed central atrium which is in turn framed by the two rooftop blocks. The overall conceptual intention is to create an easily understood diagram and flow pattern.


The scheme envisages some 40,000m2 of shopping and various leisure and catering facilities, supported by parking for 2,340 vehicles. The mixed use scheme also compromises 9,000m2 of offices, 24,000m2 of residential and some 7,200m2 of hotel.

The design responds to six principal aims:
1. To provide buildings that will attract the right mix of retailers and leisure operators to Split
2. To create new urban public spaces
3. To reinforce and improve the visual and pedestrian links with the rest of the district
4. To increase the long-term success of the area
5. To form good vehicular links and accesses
6. To offer a modern landmark centre
The design offers the visitor a progression of spatial experiences as they pass through the centre. The buildings will be modernistic in their approach using a variety of materials, colors and finishes to give the impression of shapes and appearances avoid the failings of previous large schemes. It will create a new city destination


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