Вилла с бассейном, первый ряд от моря ─ полуостров Пелешац Пелешац Полуострова, Далмация, Хорватия , 2 - Далмация острова

1.400.000 €
Я БЫ: 2011/32
Тип недвижимости: 2 - Дом / Вилла
Площадь (m2)
Размер земли (m2)
Ванные комнаты
Расстояние до моря (м)

Другие детали

  • Number of floors: 2


  • 1 - Первая линия от моря
  • 2 - Вид на море
  • 3 - Бассейн
  • 4 - Терраса



The beautiful Mediterranean house was built by the end of the 19th century, by an old family from Pelješac. They were traditional captain’s “di lungo corso”, traveling all over the world, expecting to always find a peaceful oasis in life, home.

It was and still is a spacious place which mostly kept the same formula of living with the exception of the fact that the attic was renovated and put in function, as well as the space of the old „konoba“ was turned into the comfortable TV Room.

This “home” was the witness of many important historical events during the time of its creation; two World Wars and the recent war during which Croatia became independent; it hosted the King Edward of England and Mrs Simpson, Mr Fizroy Mclean, Mr Tuđman and so many famous artists like Mr Edo Murtić, Duško Džamonja, Jure Kaštelan and Krleža. During the WW 2 the house was totally stripped and only slowly recovered in later years.

Now, finally the grand grand children of the family, have completely redecorated this sturdy, stone mansion and have decided to offer its beauty and luxury to the public. The idea was to keep it the way it was more than 100 years ago and restore only the technical parts by adding additional services of modern society, thus combining antique and modern in a most subtle way.

The swimming pool was added to give you additional luxury although the beach is in front of the House, covered with flowers and local bushes giving you natural shade. Air condition and heating is in every room so you can have a choice? Fresh fruit and vegetables are to be found in the gardens , together with the little sparrows flying around…

So now, entering the house you have a big dinning room, close to the kitchen, two „salons“on each side and a huge bathroom on the bottom of the stair case leading to the first floor. The first floor area used to be a sleeping part with four bedrooms and a remarkable dancing space where the family organized most of the winter feasts with music and dancing for their guests.

Now, we made a master bedroom with a bathroom out of two rooms and redecorated two others into a guest room and a room for children.

From the first floor you have the stairs taking you to the „Atic“, once used as a storage for all kinds of staff like chests full of tea received as
gift from King Edward and Mrs. Simpson, after they visited the house in 1936, while cruising around the Dalmatian coast. My grandmother used it as storage for all the summer harvest of cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil and home made wine. It was fantastic to climb there as a child and hide in this completely dark and huge space resembling to some wizard’s laboratory?

Now, it is an especially cozy bedroom with a connected bathroom and a beautiful view over the island of Korčula and the channel of Pelješac. You see all the ships passing through, and as there are so many people from Peljesac working as stuff, they often pass very close to the coast and signal their greetings.

The amazing scenery about this little place, are the surfers who carried by the winds cover the channel completely with their sails in all kinds of colors. Sometimes they just float to the beach in front of the house and rest like seagulls. Then, they fly away.


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