Квартира с видом на море – Рогозница Рогозница, Далмация, Хорватия , 1 - Далмация побережье

79.000 €
Я БЫ: 3150/30
Тип недвижимости: 1 - Kвартира
Площадь (m2)
Ванные комнаты
Расстояние до моря (м)


  • 2 - Вид на море
  • 4 - Терраса


Extensive description:

This is an one bedroom apartment. There is also a living room and dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace. Its a 42,92sqm apartment on the ground floor. There is a discount on the asking price available up to 12%. Contact us for more information on this option.

The price of apartment covers: a fully completed apartment with cooling+heating airconditioning, fully completed bathroom, entrance communication panel, anti-burglary door, all inside carpentry (wood) and outside as well (PVC) and a parking/garage place. Apartment building is completely finished and has all documents in order including usage permit.

Apartment entrance door will be security doors. Internal doors of the apartment are veneered single wing doors with wooden laminate. Entrance door to the garage will be with remote control electric drive. Stairs and landings are covered with natural stone. Stair suckle and landings are made of polished stone. Stair handrail is made of steel, painted with two coatings of anti-corrosive paint and one coating of varnish. For protection from the sun windows will have alu -plastic slated blinds. Internal and external window sills are made of natural stone. Floors in apartments are covered in sleeping rooms with parquet and in rest of the rooms (e.g. living room, kitchen, entrance areas etc) with ceramic tiles. In bathrooms dependent on the layout of the bathroom, there are following sanitary units (equipment) installed: WC-bowl and flushing tank, shower tray (90 cm), bath (160 cm), wash basin (40 or 60 cm), tap for washbowl with one-handed mixer,tap for bath with one-handed mixer and shower mirror with shelf above wash basin.

There is no other furniture included and/or installed in the apartment. Heating and cooling is solved with the split type system, where the external aggregates are installed on terraces (balconies) and internal aggregates in living rooms on walls. Positions of aggregates are defined with project.

Связаться с агентом

БРОКЕР – недвижимость

Агентство недвижимости
“БРОКЕР” работает во всех сегментах бизнеса в сфере недвижимости: домов, земельных участков, квартир, офисных помещений, покупка, продажа и аренда. Покрытие большой площади всей Далмации, материковой от Риеки до Дубровника и все острова, мы сделали стратегические партнерские отношения с другими известными агентствами недвижимости, тем самым предлагая лучшее понимание в предложении недвижимости на большей части территории Хорватии.

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