After more than 25 years of working on the real estate sales on the Croatian coast, we have gained valuable experience.
The standard advertising by the real estate agencies is common, and the results depend on several factors:
– clean ownership
– realistic price
– agency ability
There are a few more factors, but these three are the most important.
In current way of real estate sale, because of the agencies’ unregulated and non-European way of work, it is impossible to disclose all the details of the property for sale. The properties are being advertised through the real estate agencies, both legal and illegal, covertly and without the exact locations. The agencies are not to blame, because that way they just want to disable the competition, or even the buyers themselves, who could, through the information advertised mostly on internet, contact the seller without the participation of a particular agency that advertised the sale of the real estate. There are many such examples in practice.
Therefore, we offer the sellers a faster, better and more efficient sale of the real estates. It is the exclusive property sale, which is normal in the EU, and in the rest of the world.
The mere exclusivity, as it had been so far, does not mean anything. A certain agencies that had the exclusivity with the seller, only boasted of that exclusivity, and didn’t do anything else. Not to offend our colleagues, there are some exceptions.
You’ll say it is a known fact, nothing new, but let me explain you all the benefits of such a way of sale, if it is properly done.


All the benefits of the exclusive real estate sale:
– the real estate is advertised, in agreement with the owner, with all the specific information, the photographs, the exact location, the exact asking price
– it is in the best interest the agency that has the exclusivity to put a maximum effort into that sale
– to include and inform about the sale all the partners in Europe and around the world
– to include and inform all the local agencies, considered of quality and professional
– to include, if necessary, the agencies suggested by the buyer


What does it mean for the seller:
– the seller has a contact only with one agency, all the rest is the concern of the agency that has the exclusivity
– the commission is always the same, there are no extra costs
– there is no need to offer real estate to the other agencies
– the seller is sure that someone will actually put effort in the sale
– there are no differences in prices advertised by different agencies
– in the moment seller decides to change the terms, it is necessary to inform only one agency, and the rest is the concern of that agency

I believe there are enough reasons for this way of work. It is only the question of time and the initiative of legal agencies, to make this way of work a common practice rather than the exception to the rule.


The seller only has to choose an agency, which they consider serious and professional. One of the options we are offering is our agency, and as our advantage let us mention:
– we are one of the first agencies in the region
– we have registered the first foreign national as the estate owner on the island of Brac, in 1995, when everyone (the lawyers) said that it was impossible to do
– we have our web site since 1995, when most of the people in Croatia didn’t know anything about internet
– as the independent agency, we offer the largest selection of the real estates
– as the independent agency, we have the largest number of visits to our web site by the foreign nationals
– our web site is available in 12 different languages
– we have partners all around the Europe and the world: England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, China…
– we have partners in Croatia, who we know are reliable and professional

We believe this is more than enough. Even if you don’t choose us, but some other agency, we will be glad that this text had an influence on you, and that finally, the real estate market starts to get regulated.

Dear Sellers,

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