Split – Business space on three floors

4.200 €
ID: 2016/491
Property type: 4 - Commercial property
Area (m2)


Business space for rent, located in a quality position in the middle of a big city district on the south side of the city, with a total area of ​​460 m2, divided into three floors (ground floor and two basement floors).

The ground floor is 95 m2 in size, all in one space, and an excellent outdoor window. Basement 1 is connected by internal stairs to the ground floor and has a total of 216 m2 and can be rented together with the ground floor.

Floor basement 2 has an area of ​​148 m2 and has a separate entrance through the garage and can be rented separately or as a whole with other floors.

The owner undertakes to arrange ventilation and four toilets in the space, and put tiles on the floor basement 2. Other investement in space can be compensated in agreement with the owner.

Given the size and height of the space, it seems quite interesting as a nightclub, music studio, fitness center and similar activities. The space requires additional investment to bring it to fruition but given the square footage it represents a rare offer in this part of the city for a more serious business investment.

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