Split, Center, apartment in Diocletian’s Palace

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Gaius Aurelius Valetius Diocletianus (245-316AD) was a fascinating emperor of the great Roman Empire. As a Consul, the highest rank in the Roman Army, he was chosen by acclamation of his numerous troops to be the next emperor after a suspicious death of his master in 284 AD. At the peak of his power, being an exceptional strategist, organizer and planner, he prepared for his retirement by having a retirement home built for him, his wife Presca and their daughter Valery. Construction of his palace was started close to his home, Salona, in 295 AD. His requirements were: as close to home as possible, quiet, beautiful and peaceful, safe and defendable, with the sweet water of Jadro that he drank as a child in Salona, and the luxury befitting an emperor.

He retired in 305 AD and lived another 11 years in the beautiful palace that was built for him, where he died of old age (he was 70) in 316 AD. His Palace had 16 towers along the walls which were 2 meters thick and covered an area of over 30,000 square meters. It was impregnable, with a defense court at each land gate, and it became a safe home for numerous Salonitarians who had to flee Salona after it lost the protection of the Roman Leagues (5th century). This started the continuity of living that was never interrupted; Split was never defeated or conquered, never abandoned or left without its inhabitants and that is why UNESCO placed it on its list of world heritage as the only Antique palace in the world that has been lived in ever since it was built. The inhabitants of Split adapted the palace to their needs, building a home safe within its walls.

This apartment is the last intervention of the sort, this time using contemporary materials and equipment. It is located inside the east wall of the Palace, with two windows (Romantic period within an Antique arcade opening and a Medieval arcade inside) looking onto a monastery/church through the walls. It has a private terrace on top of the wall – where the Roman League guards used to walk and look after the safety of the inhabitants of the Palace.

The floors and the roof are Ytong foam cement – boasting a high resistance to fire, heat, vibrations and noise. Double-glazed windows additionally protect the living space from heat, cold or noise. The inside space uses floor heating, convectors and an inverter to control the air and temperature. Exotic parquets cover the bedrooms and living space, while Spanish porcelain tiles with electric heating beneath them cover the kitchen, dining space and bathroom, providing an exceptionally pleasant feeling on cold days. Fast broadband Internet, plasma and a Hi-Fi system enable the occupants to enjoy the achievements of contemporary technology, while indoors. Once outside, your first neighbor is the Cathedral of St. Dujam – patron of Split, originally the Mausoleum of Emperor Diocletian. All the Antique contents preserved inside the Palace are a stone-throw away. Do visit them all: the cathedral, St. John’s Baptistery – originally Jupiter’s Temple, Peristil – the imperial central square, the Palace substructures, all the Palace gates,… Visit museums, galleries, numerous cafes and restaurants, the Marjan Park, the beaches 15 minutes away, and become a privileged citizen of Split.

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