Дом – Остров Хвар

Хвар Остров, Далмация, Хорватия
250.000 €
ID: 3483/30
Тип недвижимости: 2 - Дом / Вилла
Площадь (m2)
Размер земли (m2)
Расстояние до моря (м)

Другие детали

  • Number of floors: 1


  • 1 - Первая линия от моря
  • 2 - Вид на море


The house is situated in a bay on the eastern side of the island of Hvar.
There is a road leading to the bay, and as such, used only for 4 houses that are located in the bay.
This is unfinished stone house built in 1937, on the very seaside, by the beach. There are exactly 16 stairs leading from the sea to the terrace in front of the house . The house was not occupied for more than a decade and is in need of a complete renovation.
the house is of the gross surface of 48 sq m.
Based on the spatial plan, there is a possibility of building an upgrade, one more storey of the “maximum height Ground Floor+1, i.e. 6,0 m measured from the final levelled and regulated terrain by the facade of the building at its lowest point to the upper edge of the ceiling construction of the last floor”.
It is also possible to build a basement storey, what would finally maximize the existing building from 48 sq m to 144 sqm.
The building has a clean title deed, as well as the property certificate, and the same applies also for the house plot of the surface of 200 sq m and a land plot behind the house (garden) of the surface of 633 sq m. The building has  electricity and a telephone line, but there is no water, because the water supply system hasn’t yet arrived to this part of the island. Considering the surface of the house plot, the owners planned to build a water tank and a septic tank in the garden behind the building.


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